Midnight Our Seafood

Fresh Scallops Don't Get Any Fresher


We are located on Cape Cod , Massachusetts.
Our HACCP approved Facility is in Chatham MA to be exact

F/V Midnight Our’s homeport is in Harwich Port MA
F/V Nemesis’s Homeport is in Sandwich MA . The boat moves around during the year and sometimes ties up in Provincetown or Hyannis.
We offer Seafood Sales at various times and days each week based on the weather.
In the summer time our schedule becomes a little more predictable and we sell on a consistent basis . We post our schedule online weekly & send e-blast if your interested in picking fresh seafood up

A Day Boat Scallop is a Scallop harvested and landed by a commercial fishing vessel within 24 hours. Scallops harvested and landed the same day are fresher & considered higher quality scallops than those scallops caught by bigger fishing vessels that are out to sea for many days.

Yes! You bet we are!
The F/V Midnight Our & the F/V Nemesis are both day boats.

Yes! Sea Scallops are heavily followed by science and regulated.
This helps ensure the fisheries future.

Our Scallops are DRY Scallops!
We only offer Wild Caught , Natural scallops!
Dry scallops have NO chemicals or additives added to them.
What we catch – is what you eat!
There is NO OTHER WAY. Chemicals are just YUCK

No ! Stop ! Do not rinse your scallops ( unless you really want to ).
We triple wash the scallops while shucking , cleaning and bagging the scallops with clean cold ocean water. Salt water helps ensure the scallops flavor does not get watered down. Washing or soaking scallops in fresh water will cause them to loose some of their flavor.
If you really want to rinse your scallops - do it quickly & in cold water.

Yes! Absolutely, Scallops freeze incredibly well.

There is really no wrong way to freeze scallops. Honestly , they freeze amazing with little to no effort . Below are some of the ways we freeze them.
  1. Pop the container you got from us right into the freezer. The sooner after you purchase the better.
  2. Place the scallops in a zip lock bag and squeeze or roll as much air out as you can .
  3. If you have allot of time : Place Scallops on a cookie sheet and place in the freezer for about 20 min. until the scallops get a little firm on the outside. Once the scallops are firm , remove them from the cookie sheet and place in a bag and place back in the freezer.
This allows you to “pop” some of the scallops out of the freezer later on without having to defrost the entire container.

You Bet We Do!
We are working on setting up our website for online ordering.
If you want to ship some delicious seafood to a loved one ( or your self ) please shoot us and email and we would be happy to coordinate and send you a price while we work on the website. :)

Yes! Absolutely! Shoot us an email or give us a call to talk!